Life In Purpose - 7-Day Mind Mastery Challenge

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IT's HERE! A course filled with some of the best mind change technologies and practices that I have found over the past decade of being a professional consulting hypnotist. It's been distilled down to only those things that I have seen work time and time again. No fluff. No theory. Just extremely practical insights and activities that will create fast, powerful, positive, and lasting changes in your life. Get ready, this may just be one of the most transformative 7 days you’ve ever experienced!

What Is It?

Life in Purpose is a 7-Day course designed to set you on the path toward your dreams as quickly and effectively as possible. If you're feeling a bit lost, confused, stressed, or just in need of some focus and direction, Life In Purpose is perfect for you! In my hypnosis work, I often do 4-8 week sessions with people who are aiming to achieve these very things. I have distilled what is essentially 2 months of change work, which usually costs upwards of $600, into this one-week Life in Purpose training. It’s not overpacked with too much information, and it’s not lacking in content. It is the essence of what I know and teach, and is designed to build upon the day before for maximum benefit. At the end of the week, you will have all of the information and skills for you to start manifesting your dreams into reality.  

What Will I Learn?

Day 1 - Vision - You will learn to to get relaxed and focused enough to set out your clear intentions, goals, and vision for your life, while also drawing up a personal constitution that solidifies your reasons WHY and your non-negotiables.

Day 2 - Clearing - Change work is much more effective when starting with a clean slate. That's why in Day 2 you will learn to let go of all of your past negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior. You will learn to clear out the closet of your mind so you can begin putting in some powerful positive resources to propel you forward.

Day 3 - Regaining Control - Day 3 will help you set up your morning routine. This is THE MOST POWERFUL tool to get you on track and keep you there. You will learn all of the essential elements to include in your morning routine and how to design your own.

Day 4 - Raising Your Energy - We lose so much energy and focus throughout our day by wasting it in all sorts of unhelpful places. In Day 4 you will do an energy audit to find out where most of your energy is going, while also learning how to raise your energy levels with the power of your breath, body, and mind. No more mentally scattered and low energy days!

Day 5 - Service - You will only find your true purpose when it comes in relation to others. That's why in Day 5 you will focus on being of service to yourself, your family and loved ones, your community, and the world at large. This element really adds fuel to the flame of Life in Purpose.

Day 6 - Create - Open your imagination! Humans are creative creatures. Look around you, it all started with an idea and a creative process. In Day 6 you will learn to tap into your creative spirit, revisit desires and ideas from your childhood, and open the doors and windows of your creative mind!

Day 7 - Enjoy & Plan - Every great week deserves a day of rest. Day 7 will be a day for you to enjoy all of the progress you've made in the week, and relax deeply. But the path continues on, so you will also learn to effectively reflect on the week, find those things that worked best for you, and what didn't work. Then you will add in those elements as you write out your plan for the week ahead. 

Life In Purpose is not a one-week course you take and then you are done. It is designed for you to create a lifestyle that gets you excited to get out of bed each day, focused and full of energy for all the possibilities to come. You will continue to take what you have learned, change, develop, and adapt, to make it even better as you go along. So in that sense, the work truly begins once the course is completed!

What Do I Get?

Each day you will receive an email into your inbox. It will contain instructions for that day’s skill building, and download or link to course materials/recordings. The course will progress along the two primary channels of your mind, the conscious and subconscious. The conscious channel will contain information and learning to help you understand, consciously, what changes need to take place and how. The subconscious will channel will open up those deeper parts of your mind that help facilitate changes and guide your progress. This is actually where 90% of the work happens. Your subconscious mind is so powerful, that once is becomes an ally in your progress, success is inevitable. Along with these 2 tier learnings, you will also get a daily practice to instill and incorporate your insights into action and daily life. 

What Do I Do?

Short answer, commit. Commit to yourself right now that you will spend the next 7 days utilizing these tools to evolve your mind, body, and spirit. You can spend as little as 20 minutes or as much as two hours per day with this information. That is totally up to you…how much time you have, and how quickly you want to go. The most important thing is that you show up daily, commit to giving your full attention to this course, and giving yourself the opportunity for massive growth. Then, at the end, take stock, reflect, and chart your next steps along the path toward your dreams. Take that first step and invest in yourself and your future TODAY!


"This course is well worth it! It helped me focus my goals, rework my beliefs, clear negativity, and learn how to give myself a great start to every day." ~ Becky L.

"Thank you for the encouragement Andy! Already this course has helped me manafest some amazing things and I am not even finished. One of the most helpful parts is the morning routine" ~ Judi R.

“This program is worth a ton to me. Thank you so much, Andy! I appreciate your down-to-earth approach to all of this, fresh take on some systems I learned a while back, and insights into many areas I had not considered or encountered. I feel like the way you present the material does make it easier to integrate and follow through with goals via action. You’re a rockstar!” - Courtney S.

"I'm loving spending this last week before going back to work in-person reading about some insights for a more productive, healthier life. I deeply believe in letting go of clutter or the past in order to move on. I think that's huge! Thanks Andy!" ~ Jamie C.

"This is really good stuff…It’s always so difficult to me to get motivated on my own. The materials you are presenting offer a really clear path…Much love and gratitude!" ~ James T.

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You'll Get the Full Life In Purpose E-Book, All of the Printable Course Materials, and All of the Hypnosis Recordings And Daily Practices for Each Lesson

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Life In Purpose - 7-Day Mind Mastery Challenge

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I want this!